8 Ways YouTubers Have Twisted Up The Harry Potter Theme Tune

There’s something a little bit special about the Harry Potter theme tune (otherwise known as Hedwigs Theme). Those first few bars bring back memories of seeing the Philosopher’s Stone for the first time and every time we hear them they make hairs stand on end.

There’s that sense of anticipation which comes with them – even when they made an appearance in Fantastic Beasts – we were like…

8 Ways YouTubers Have Twisted Up The Harry Potter Theme Tune
Twentieth Century Fox via Giphy.com

So imagine our delight when we found different ways the theme tune has been played by some very talented YouTubers – there’s traditional and then there’s the not so traditional and they are all fab!

1. Lets start with an Acapella version by The Warp Zone

2. Next up we have an Impossible Remix by BGH Music – just wait till it gets going!!!

3. Going down the fingerstyle guitar route here it is by Marcos Kaiser

4. And then with glasses of water – found on Viralbuzzy

5. And we couldn’t leave out an orchestra – there’s just a magic to it! (do you like what we did there? Yeah? Never Mind)

6. How about one on violin from the brilliant Taylor Davies

7. And now we hand you over to the Harp Twins

8. We could go on and on with the traditional instruments but they’re quite easy to find but for now we’ll leave you with this one from Jarrod Radnich

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