A Popup Book Made Out Of Lego

We love books (of course) and we also have a bit of a thing for Lego and we were taking a look at JK Brickworks YouTube channel and found this idea being submitted as a Lego Ideas project:

How cool is this? The design is so clever that it allows the interior popup scene to be amended and completely changed.

See.. similar design – different story.

The resulting space inside the book is a large enough that it can store the minifigs and props required to tell your story.

We really hope this project reaches the required number of votes on Lego Ideas to take it to the next stage as it kind of meshes the beauty of Lego to tell stories and putting it inside an (all be it) Lego book box.

At the time of writing this project has received 6,434 supporters and has 695 days left to reach the 10,000 supporters required to take it to the next phase of the process where it will be reviewed be the Lego Ideas team who will decide whether to take the design forward taking it closer to the point where we will be able to buy the Lego popup book in shops.

This is the same process the Lego TARDIS set (Lego Ideas Doctor Who Assembly Kit) went through so it very well could happen.

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