Author Asks Publisher Not to Submit Her Books to Papers Who Fuel Hate

UKYA Author, Melinda Salisbury has asked her publisher Scholastic not to submit her books for review to papers who “fuel hatred” in support of the Stop Funding Hate movement.

The movement which has so far persuaded Lego to stop placing promotional campaigns with the Daily Mail aims to be a force to change the media.

Lego declared their move openly on Twitter in a tweet to Stop Funding Hate stating that they are not planning any more promotional campaigns with the paper:

Speaking to The Bookseller, the author says “The Stop Funding Hate movement has really opened my eyes to all the tacit ways we endorse and support organisations without really thinking about what that means. I was incredibly impressed by Lego making the decision to withdraw its advertising from the Daily Mail, in light of some of the DM’s recent articles and headlines. I was even more impressed that instead of quietly ending the contract, it instead chose to be open about it and to make a public statement about its brand, and its beliefs.”

Salisbury has made the move in response to the amount of front page coverage the papers – the Daily Mail, the Mail on Sunday, the Daily Express, the Sunday Express and the Sun – give which “fuel hatred” and is not a reflection on the thoughts or opinions of the reviewers at the papers.

It’s worth noting this when the amount of publicity given over to young people’s books in traditional media is not massive and the papers involved in this are some of the few who do give coverage of Young Adult books.

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