Get The Look: Summer’s Dress & Boots From That Grace Birthday Party

A lot of the action in The Graces can be described as before the party or after it – there’s a lot of mystery which surrounds it, around who gets invited and why so few people in the town do get invited.

But if you haven’t read it yet will let you discover that for yourselves, trust us you’ll want to!

There’s a part though leading up to that party where we get a description of Summer’s dress and we thought it might be fun to try and find something similar. Her looks is described as a Goth Sorceress so lets see how close we can get!

The Black Dress

In our searching this was what we came up with, it is 1) a dress, 2) black and has 3) lace at the collarbone but whether we’d go as far as calling it delicate lace or whether it spiders we’re not sure.

Get The Look: Summer's Dress & Boots From That Grace Birthday Party

We found this one at

The Boots

There are a few options when it comes to the boots but almost all had a form of high heel so in the end we went for these lace up boots from Quiz.

Get The Look: Summer's Dress & Boots From That Grace Birthday Party

How did we do? Think you can do better (we wouldn’t be surprised!) let us know what your picks would be in the comments.

And if you’re intrigued by The Graces even a little bit you can nab yourself a copy here.

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