The 3 Steps To Choosing Your YALC 2017 Tickets

YALC (Young Adult Literary Convention) tickets once again part of the London Film and Comic Con went on sale yesterday.

But taking a little look at the tickets page might leave you just a little bit confused – child entry, afternoon entry, family entry, YALC entry – which on earth ticket should you choose?

The 3 Steps To Choosing Your YALC 2017 Tickets via

We’ve gone through the ticket types and we’re going to break it down to the choices you really need to know.

Step 1: Choose your day – Friday, Saturday, Sunday or all 3!

The ticket booking page is separated by day so your first step is going to be deciding which day to go. Next year the convention is during the summer holidays so picking the day you choose could really be either the Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

It’s a bit of a gamble booking early as we don’t yet know which authors will be attending and on which days but this is still the first decision that needs to be made.

Of course you might want to go for all 3!

Step 2: Choose the YALC ticket or the standard LFCC ticket.

You’re on this post so we’re guessing this is a given – the advantage of the YALC ticket is that you get priority access to the book zone through a dedicated YALC entrance. You also get priority access to the YALC talks.

However you don’t get access to the rest of the show until 10am, an hour after the convention opens for those with standard tickets.

If you’re going with the YALC ticket you can skip step 3 as these are only available as all day tickets.

Step 3: Are you going to be spending the entire day at LFCC or just the afternoon?

If you’re going to be getting to YALC / LFCC late maybe due to travelling there are afternoon tickets available at a cheaper price point which give you access to YALC and LFCC from 12noon.

Bonus Steps: Are you going as a family?

If attending as a family (2 adults and 2 children, aged between 4 and 12) then you can buy a family ticket to LFCC which will give you access to YALC.

Please note the family ticket is only available for one day at a time rather than all 3.

And if you have a child under 4 they get entry free of charge.

We’ve tried to order this according to the ticket booking screen to help narrow down which ticket might be the one for you.

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