The YABuzz Pledge To Comment On Book Blogs

There’s something we’ve noticed here on YABuzz in the UK book blogging community – a significant and noticeable lack of comments. Admittedly we don’t really expect them here as we don’t post the type of content which attracts comments but there are lots of posts on book blogs which should show some signs of engagement but don’t show any.

It hasn’t always been this way, when we first started book blogging (not here) back in 2010 the community was alive and engaging – being a book blogger felt like it was part of a community and each book blog looked like it was a part of that community.

Nowadays the majority of UK book blogs look like islands with little or no interaction between them and let us let you into a secret…

This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be

We can’t say for sure the reason blogs close down but a lack of interaction on posts can certainly play a part – a blog with no comments for example can feel like the blogger is talking into the void. And from a readers point of view it can look this way.

The reason we think commenting has disappeared from UK book blogs is because more people are using mobile devices and commenting from these isn’t as easy on a blog versus posting a comment on Twitter but we think…

Twitter is the wrong place for blog comments

We understand it’s easier but there’s a problem here, you’re thoughts and comments are lost on Twitter – no-one reading the post knows you’ve commented on there and so your points are lost in the scope of the post. Somebody reading that post weeks or months later will have no idea you’ve raised the points and the article looks unread. Comments on blog posts should be on the post itself especially if what you’re saying is more than a thank you etc. Simples!

The YABuzz Pledge

We want to encourage commenting again and we pledge that when we read a post on a blog where we have thoughts or want to say something we will comment on the post itself (and probably share on our social media too).

The question is will you take the pledge too?

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2 thoughts on “The YABuzz Pledge To Comment On Book Blogs

  • January 17, 2017 at 4:08 pm

    I am happy to take the pledge as I tend to comment on blogs.
    I have learned not to be sad if I don’t get comments on my blog. Some posts tend to be more popular than others. Also you have to make time to read blogs so you can comment, and time can be difficult to find :), but the pledge is a fantastic idea!!.

    • January 19, 2017 at 8:58 pm

      We completely agree and time is definitely a factor. We don’t hope for comments here as we don’t post the kind of content that would normally attract comments but it does makes us a little sad when we see thoughtful posts on other blogs which deserve comments which don’t seem to attract them.


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