WARNING! JK Rowling Says Resold Cursed Child Tickets May Be Cancelled

The other day we revealed that a new booking period had opened for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child which resulted in 60,000 new tickets for the play going on sale.

WARNING! JK Rowling Says Resold Cursed Child Tickets May Be Cancelled
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Needless to say these tickets were popular and we hope many a fan were able to nab themselves some tickets.

But it’s very quickly become apparent that like many shows and live events The Cursed Child has become the victim of the ticket touts. We’re not talking about ticket sellers lurking outside of venues trying to sell you tickets which are useless – although be on the lookout for these too!

We’re talking about people who have bought tickets through the legitimate sources and then are reselling them on ticket reselling sites for many times the face value (top price is £130 and we’ve seen them selling for £500+).

This has long been an issue for live events and it’s not helped by ticket reselling sites. What many people don’t realise is that most tickets have terms and conditions attatched which explicitly state the ticket is not to be resold or transferred.

AND the theatre has the right to refuse entry if they believe the ticket has been resold….

And the producers and JK Rowling have said they will be enforcing this – we’re all for it as it ensures fair ticket prices for all fans.

So where do you ensure you get tickets – there’s ONLY two places and it’s quite simple Nimax and ATG – both are linked from the official website.

And don’t forget about the Friday 40 where the theatre releases tickets for all performances the following week for some of the very best seats in the theatre for incredibly low prices.

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